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Mission Statement

Global Action on Aging is an international grassroots citizen group that works on issues of concern to older people. It reports on older people's needs and potential within the globalized world economy. And it advocates by, with, and for older people worldwide.

Global Action on Aging carries out research on critical emerging topics and publishes the results. It distributes news both directly, through its own publications, and through the mass media. It maintains a presence at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and participates in major UN events and conferences.

Global Aging Network. This network links together activities in the aging field worldwide, by means of fax and e-mail. It provides regular news and a series of special issue-alerts calling for action.

Elder-Rights Project. The Elder-Rights Project advocates in favor of protection of older persons as an integral part of the human rights movement. Older persons are increasingly subject to physical abuse, theft, and various forms of negative stereotyping and discrimination. They have trouble getting full access to health care treatment in many countries and sometimes face specific age-related care restrictions. Older people also confront very serious discrimination in employment. Global Action on Aging works with human rights organizations and researchers to focus attention on these urgent elder-rights concerns.

Pension Watch. The Pension Watch initiative addresses recent worldwide pension reductions and wider social security "reforms" which reduce social services and income support for older persons. The project monitors the changes that are going on. It tackles the debate about government budgets, "dependency," "entitlements," "generational equity," and other issues. And it works directly with affected groups of pensioners and needy older persons in many countries.

Founded in early 1994, Global Action on Aging has produced newsletters, developed a network and co-sponsored booths at UN international conferences in Beijing, Cairo and Copenhagen. It has published a research report on pensions in the global South and has sponsored work on an aging book: Humanity Comes of Age. In 1998 it organized an official preparatory event for 1999, International Year of Older Persons.


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