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Strengthening the Rights of Older People Worldwide:
Building Greater European Support

Bridget Sleap, HelpAge International

December 5-7, 2012



What: A Europe-wide conference on the need for international human rights instruments for older people
Where: Osnabrück, Germany
When: December 5th – 7th 2012
Invited Speakers:
Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Vladimir Spidla, Czech politician, President of Czech social democratic think-tank Masaryk Democratic Academy, former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, former EU Commissioner
Thomas Hammarberg, former Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights
-At what age does a person stop being human?
-When do people stop being entitled to rights?
-What will it take to recognize that people are rights holders at any age?
-Why are current human rights standards failing people in later life globally?
-Where will the commitment in Europe come from to set a global standard on the rights of older people?
These are some of the critical questions that will be tackled in this milestone European event on the global rights of older people. The conference seeks to generate greater political support in Europe for new global human rights instruments focusing specifically on older people.
We are privileged to be experiencing greater longevity in all parts of the world, with the greatest increase in life expectancy taking place in developing countries. At the same time, ageist attitudes and prejudice are widespread allowing blatant discrimination and human rights abuses against older people to take place in all aspects of life from health to housing, financial security to freedom from violence.
Current human rights standards and instruments have been insufficient to safeguard against these abuses.
Join us for a high-level conference to generate a better understanding of the human rights issues facing older people globally and the role of European Union member states in achieving a global standard that protects the rights of all older people.
Conference Programme:
Wednesday Evening, 5 December 2012 – Osnabrück Peace Forum: Public debate on the human rights of older people globally, with Navi Pillay, Vladimir Spidla and Henning Scherf.
Thursday, 6 December 2012 – Main Conference: Strengthening the Rights of Older People Worldwide: Building Greater European Support. Registration required.
Friday Morning, 7 December 2012 – Conference continued: Building Political Support – workshop for civil society organizations. Registration required.
Registration is required to attend this event. Spaces are limited.
For further information, please contact:
This conference is being organised with the support of the European Commission, HelpAge Deutschland and HelpAge International, and is sponsored by Age UK.

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