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Rural Aging 

United States

Getting Older, County by County (April 11, 2012)
The median age of most US counties is growing older. But rural counties have the oldest median age. The average median age in rural counties grew from 39.0 years in 2000 to 42.5 years in 2010. Additionally, the gap between rural and urban counties is widening. 

Medicaid and Rural America (March 1, 2012)
Medicaid plays a crucial role in rural communities. Reasons include the fact that rural poverty rates are generally higher and rural residents often have lower rates of employer-sponsored health insurance. Additionally, rural areas have a higher proportion of older persons in their total population. Lastly, Medicaid is vital to the local economy and the health care infrastructure, including providers whose patients are mostly Medicaid patients.

An ‘Age Valley’ Confronts the Great Plains (February 10, 2012)
The 2010 Census reveals that elderly residents over the age of 65 are more likely to live in rural areas than are younger adults. As rural areas in the Plains and Midwest need resources for the very young and elderly citizens, their population has been shrinking towards expanding metropolitan areas. Emphasis on access to public transportation, health care, retirement security and stability of programs tied to senior populations will be critical for rural aging populations. How will these rural counties provide the services necessary for communities to survive?

Rural Counties More Dependent on Social Security (October 31, 2011)
Any cuts to the Social Security program will disproportionately affect the rural USA. Rural counties are more reliant on Social Security income than are the nation's cities. Social Security payments are vital to rural counties and small cities because the money supports the economy of the local community

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