September 21, 2012 Newsletter

Dear Good Friends of Global Action on Aging,

Exciting news!  GAA is adapting its communication strategy to bring you more focused news on aging developments worldwide.

As our website has grown over the past decade, we've seen many changes that enhance the easy exchange of information.  Now our readers can find useful materials easily due to expert search engines.  You can also get translations into your languages. We are grateful for this development.

At the same time, GAA wants to encourage more dialogue among its readers and to exchange views on the important aging topics of the day.  These include strengthening the human rights instruments of older persons through the United Nations' treaty processes, documenting older persons' health issues, particularly focused on HIV/AIDS, addressing the challenges of weakened social protection programs across the globe, and more.

We will use our blog to send you information on these topics and more. Our blog will replace the newsletter. Please check out our blog at We  cordially invite your comments.   If you want to access our website, it is available to you as a very comprehensive archive at Also please visit our Facebook and Twitter page. You can access our pages by clicking the logos below. 

I am grateful for your support and interest.  All of us at GAA look forward to greater discussions and action programs among us over the next months and years.  

With good wishes, Susanne Paul for Global Action on Aging