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|| UN Documents on Aging


Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, 2002

UN Member States adopted the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA) during the Second World Assembly on Ageing  that set the agenda  for governments to respond to the growing numbers of older persons in every country. 

As a UN Action Plan, this comprehensive document is more than a declaration. Governments committed themselves to implement these principles in their policies. Monitoring this implementation will be one of the major items on the UN's 2007 agenda.  


Older Persons & the Covenant on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) (1995)

The Committee on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights was created by the Member States parties to the 1995 Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to improve its translation into acts by drawing governments' attention on the implementation's insufficiencies.

This document demonstrates how the UN mainstreams older persons in its work. It contains Committee's recommendations on how to implement this comprehensive treaty on older person's economic, social and cultural rights.   

United Nations Principles for Older Persons (December 16, 1991)
The General Assembly's Resolution 46/91 of 16 December 1991 "encourages" countries to mainstream older persons in all their policies. The Principles are not legally binding. 


Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing (1982)

Delegates met in Vienna in 1982 to draw up the historic first international agenda on aging to guide policies and programs on aging. The United Nations General Assembly endorsed the Plan later in 1982 (Resolution 37/51). 


Universal Declaration of Human Right  (December 10, 1948)

This fundamental text describes the values, rights and goals of the United Nations and specifically mentions the security of human beings in their old age.  

|| Global Action on Aging's Work 
Global Action on Aging Advocacy at the United Nations 

Global Action on Aging advocates for the adoption of comprehensive international policies to address the problems and potential contributions of older persons in emergency situations.


Global Action on Aging Research Bibliography: Psychotropic Drug Use in Nursing Homes

Global Action on Aging researches and documents the many aspects of overmedication in nursing homes. Follow links to studies on psychotropic drugs use in nursing homes, both in the United States and internationally. 


UN Roundtable on Older Persons in the 2004 Tsunami

Read the full review of the UN Roundtable GAA organized with partners HelpAge International and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation during the 2006 Commission on Social Development. Speakers, presentations with summaries, recommendations, and photos can be found here.  


Data Disaggregation Project 

Global Action on Aging advocates for improving statistical capacity in all countries. Appropriate data, disaggregated by sex and age can help measure how policies impact citizens. The project presents key documents on data disaggregation, comments from the UN community,  reports on official meetings and news analyses. 

|| Global Action on Aging's Web Sections 


Pension Watch 
Pensions in Depth
The BBC has a special page on pensions issues in the UK. You will find a number of articles, reports and resourincluding a Financial “Healthcheck” test. 

National Pension Debate
This site takes you to the UK’s Department of Work and Pension section on National Pension Debate. You can also find many resources and links on planning your retirement and managing your benefits. 

European Pensions and Investment News
One finds in this site specialized information and analysis on the latest news on private pensions funds in Europe. Countries and pensions funds profiles available.
International Labour Organization

Based in Geneva, this UN agency seeks the “promotion of social justice and internationally recognized human and labor rights.” In their Social Security Department site one can find different resources and documents on social protection, income security and pensions. Check the latest news with ILO ongoing global campaign “Social Security and Coverage for All.”

Elder Rights
World Heath Organization
The World Heath Organization puts forward on this page specific information on elder rights worldwide. You will find a number of facts, highlights and projects.
|| Surf the Web on Aging Issues 


Web Links
Websites of related organizations.  


World Assembly on Ageing II

From April 8 to 12, 2002 in Madrid, Spain, at the Second World Assembly on Ageing, delegates of governments united to revise the first International Plan on Ageing and set out a long-term strategy to respond to an aging world. 


|| Other 
Model Programs - Exceptional Trade Union Programs for Retirees

GAA presents New York City Unions with outstanding retiree programs. 


Caregiver – Glossary of Terms
A list of terms and key words to be aware of services available for you, what kind of rights you have, and how to protect yourself in the pension, health, and legal aspects.


Senior Resources
A guide to US institutions and organizations dealing with aging. 


Pre-2000Archived Documents
Statements, materials and information from Global Action on Aging prior to 2000. 


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