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Elderly Will Benefit with Tax Relief

Angelica Spanos, WBOC.com

December 1, 2011

  United States

Senior citizens are happy in Kent County, with Levy Court's approval to increase the break that elderly and disabled property owners enjoy on their taxes.

The court approved a revision to the Tax Relief Ordinance that increases the current income limitation for property owners who are totally disabled or who are 65 years old from $12,700 to $16,000.

"In this economy it's a great move," said Stephanie DiDonato, a senior citizen who's lived in Kent County for 25 years.  DiDonato said, "I know it will be putting more money in my pocket and I can have a better life and I can buy more things or travel and have the things that I have worked so hard for."

It will also help the elderly who's spouse has died.  "The widows and the widowers, they are used to having a two person income and now they only have one, so that was increased, so they can have $4,000 more in income for the reduced rate," said Carolyn Fredricks, the executive director at Modern Maturity Center in Dover.

The income limit is especially important with today's economy.  "It's going to leave more income for pockets that qualify, it's a population that needs that income with increased cost of everything, utilities, groceries. With everything going up they need that extra income in their pocket," said Fredricks.  

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