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Chinese Enterprise Retiree Social Management Rate over 50% 

By Jing Liu, New China News Agency


 July 30, 2003

Wuhan, China – The enterprise retirement social management service is referred to as “after retirement arrangements, the management responsibility is no longer done by the original organization but the local community where the retiree lives.  The pension is managed by the community service organization that provides the corresponding management service.”  Until the end of June, there were a total of 33 million enterprise retirees in China.  Among them, there were 17 million already in the social management service.  The rate reached 52%, an increase of 8.5% compared to last year.  Experts pointed out that this is important in the community protection system; it guarantees enterprise retirees of having a peaceful and happy life; it is an important step for increasing quality of life, and it is pushing community protection system to a new positive level.  (The text is in Chinese.)


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記者  劉錚



武漢 - 截至6月底,中國共有企業退休人員3365.3萬人,已實行社會化管理服務的有1751.6萬人,社會化管理率達到52%,比去年底提高8.5個百分點。








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