Speech of the First Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development of Russian Federation G. Karelovoy
on the 41st session of the UN Social Development Commission

“National and International Cooperation for Social Development”


February 12, 2003


… . . . .Russia implements the purposeful policy of developing social dialogue and social partnership with different non-governmental institutions, and the number of NGOs is growing – there are more than 43,000 already. Many of them are engaged in resolving social problems, including support of vulnerable groups….

        We value very highly the results of 2002 Second World Assembly in Madrid, in preparation of which this Commission was actively involved. The propositions in the report of Secretary General regarding monitoring of Madrid decisions are realistic and balanced. The Commission should regularly review the implementation progress of Madrid International Action Plan on Aging Issues, and it should become ‘the generator of ideas’ on increasing the participation of older people in social development.

The support of older people has its special place in the social policy of the Russian Government. It is aimed at creating conditions for an active life in older age, and adopting older people to changing environments. The actions are aimed not only at increasing the living standards of older people, but also at improving the social services for them. For this purpose the first all-Russian meeting of social workers has been held in 2002.


        The year 2003 will be the year of disabled people in Russia. We hope that it will give a new impulse to social rehabilitation and adaptation of disabled people.  We completely share the aspiration of the Commission to increase international cooperation in the sphere of strengthening the family. … Increasing the role of the family is a part of the Conception of Demographic Policy of the Russian Federation.


… Thank you, Mr. President



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