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Pondering pensions

BBC News, July 11, 2002


Pensioner couple read about stock market fall in Financial Times

Radical review aims to save company pensions.


A government-commissioned review into pensions has called for a radical overhaul of the rules on the provisions for retirement.

Its proposals will make occupational pensions more affordable... but will they solve the original pensions crisis and mean a comfortable retirement for all? We try to find out.

Company pension schemes were tightened up after the Maxwell scandal a decade ago when four hundred million Mirror Group employees saw their pension money disappear. Pickering says that every employer is being treated as a potential Maxwell and wants to loosen the red tape. The World at One asked Sue Ward, who sat on the Good Committee set up following Robert Maxwell's fraud, if that's a good idea.


Pensions Do PFIs provide value for money?

With the Comprehensive Spending Review only days away, today comes more evidence that Public Finance Initiatives may not be the win-win route to improved public services that the government clearly believes they are. The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee this morning published a report questioning whether PFIs provide the taxpayer with value for money.

We talked to the Liberal Democrat MP David Rendel who is a member of the committee and then asked the former Paymaster General, Geoffrey Robinson if this report will trigger a re-think in Whitehall about the viability of PFI.



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