Statement of S.E.M Mohammed Loulichki


Ambassador, Assistant Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Morocco


In the name of the group of 77 and China in front of the commission of the social development on point 3a.


National and International Cooperation in the service of the social development


In a world more and more marked by globalizationís effects, international cooperation is more needed than ever to remedy the negative effects of this globalization on developing countries. The group of 77 and China insist once again on the intensification of the cooperation for realizing complete social development objectives.


The society and the private sector have for their part a specific responsibility to establish creative partnerships on social development. However, these efforts will remain insufficient if they are not supported by a substantial financial support allowing the developing countries to reach the objectives of social development.


The human potential of these countries should be developed through international cooperation, that among others, technical aid, technologiesí transfer, investments, what would allow has these countries to widen their qualified human potentialities.


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