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Educational Sessions with Trade Union Retirees from New York City


First Seminar, May 16, 2008


Vivian Lau and Newell Blair-Mann, GAA Research Associates, with retirees during the first session.

A discussion group. 

Tina Malguth and Newell Blair-Mann, GAA Research Associates during the presentation.


Second Seminar, June 19, 2008

Clara Dufresne and Tina Malguth, GAA Reseach Associates, with the participants during the second session.

Monica Kashyap and Newell Blair-Mann, GAA Research Associates, leading the group discussions.

Clara Dufresne, Newell Blair-Mann and Monica Kashyap, GAA Research Associates, during the second session.


Third Seminar, September 10, 2008

Stuart Wilson, GAA Research Associate, leading one of the group discussions during the third session.

Thomas Howie, GAA Research Associate, giving a presentation to the retirees on the Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging. 

Thomas Howie and Nathalie Michel, GAA Research Associates, leading a group discussion with the participants.

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