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GAA Staff interns and volunteers visit Gracie Mansion, home of the New York Mayor. November 2001

Interns Hitomi Sakamoto (Japan) and Mylène Barra (France) with Amb. Julia Alvarez (Dominican Republic) during Preparatory Meetings for the World Assembly on Ageing. Alvarez has been the leading proponent of aging issues at UN for 20 years. December 2001

Professor Christian Joly from the Institute of Political Science in Aix-en-Provence visits his student Mylène Barra in New York in January to review her internship work at the United Nations and in GAA's office

Hitomi Sakamoto discusses contrasting approaches to rapid demographic growth in China and Japan with Xiao Caiwei, Deputy Director, International Department, China National Committee on Ageing. Mr Xiao served on the China Mission delegation to the Preparatory Meetings for the Second World Assembly on Ageing. February 2002

GAA staff interview Ruth Teubal, aging activist from Argentina, who briefed us on the painful situation of elderly persons caught in the financial collapse of Argentina. February 2002

Armenian Gayane Khachatryan, an Edmund Muskie Freedom Support scholar, accepts congratulations from NGO Committee on Aging Chair, Helen Hamlin. Gayane presented a paper on the extreme penury facing older women in her home country since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. February 2002

Computer consultants Jame Wong, US, and Jeffrey Li, US, meet with GAA's intern websearchers, Thais de Souza and Mylène Barra to celebrate GAA's tremendous website growth. May 2002

Gayane Khachatryan (Armenia) and Mylène Barra (France) both make presentations about the Multigenerational Relationships in their home country to the concluding session of the NGO Committee on Aging in New York. An international audience of 65 persons peppered them with questions. On the left, is Esperance Kayombo, former GAA administrative staff person, who was also on the panel. June 2002

A rainy day did not keep Global Action on Aging from demonstrating with other aging activists against the high cost of pharmaceuticals in the US. March 2002

GAA volunteer Anne-Marie Mayer is outraged that low cost generics are not allowed on the US market due to the legal maneuvers of high cost Prilosec manufacturers. March 2002

Florence Daniels, retired trade union member sends a message to the New York Federal Court judges hearing the Prilosec case. March 2002


Large canvas poster outside the NGO Forum on Ageing in Madrid. April 2002

The Iranian Ladies Charitable Society displays craftwork made by residents in Kahrizak. This organization has built a model home for abandoned elderly and disabled in Iran. April 2002

Global Action on Aging organized 50 persons from twenty national and international organizations to attend an offer workshops and panels at the NGO Forum on Ageing. This courtyard view shows the vast Conference Center in Madrid. April 2002

Judy Lerner, a GAA volunteer and Peace Action activist, gets to know Ladies Charitable Society volunteer from Teheran. April 2002

Global Action on Aging President, Susanne Paul (right), confers with Reverend Richard Gentzler, a leading aging activist in USA church circles and Carol Traynor, GAA volunteer and aging activist. April 2002

GAA volunteers and partner organization members enjoy a hearty lunch together in Madrid at the NGO Forum on Ageing. April 2002

Hitomi Sakamoto, intern from Japan, describes changing responsibilities for care of older family members. Hitomi highlighted her mother's 35 year-long stint of caregiving for her in-laws. April 2002

Seminars for retiree groups are major program areas for Global Action on Aging. Here some New York City retirees listen to Hitomi's presentation before entering into a lively dialogue with her. April 2002


GAA volunteer Ruth Prudente joins interns Thais de Souza (Brazil) and Mylène Barra to say farewell to Hitomi Sakamoto as she returns to Japan. April 2002

Mme. Godelieve Makasi of Kinshasa, Congo, and her associate visit GAA to describe their NGO project for an alms house for abandoned elderly. Esperance Kayombo, (R.), Regional Missionary accompanies them. May 2002

Evgeniy V. Perevodchikov, Nilufar Rakhamonova, and Kristin LoCurto,  interns at GAA, Summer, 2002


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