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Private Pension Issues

Archives: 1996 - 2000

Elderly Worry as Insurers Cut Medicare Plans in Connecticut (December 26, 2000)
This article, published in The New York Times, shows that many health organizations want to get out of the Medicare Market because they think federal reimbursement is not profitable. The other companies, which stay into the Medicare HMO, are raising their rates. As a matter of fact, thousands of persons are forced to change health insurance or return to traditional Medicare, which does not cover costly prescriptions.

Firm Agrees to Pay State $1.2 Million in Bribe Case (December 1, 2000)
This article from The New York Times is about a firm, which agreed for the first time to pay a cash settlement after having allegedly mismanaged pension fund investments. This settlement, worth $ 1.2 billion, might be the first one of a long row.

Facing the Facts on Elder Care (November 30, 2000)
This article, extracted from Business Week, shows that many people do not consider looking after a frail relative when they are planning their retirement. But it's crucial to consider the possibility of caring for incapacitated elderly person. The article tries to give some advice on the subject.

Pensions lobby attacks changes (November 30, 2000)
This article taken from The Guardian deals with the forthcoming introduction of new accounting rules for company pensions, more particularly concerning the disclosure of their pension schemes. Though these new rules won’t be implemented before 2003, it will urge companies to phase in remarks in their annual report as soon as June.

Sipp freedom: run your own pension (October,29 2000)
A new dawn for pension plans has started with the arrival of online plans, such as SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pensions). Though mainly affordable by the upper-class, the new SIPP online strives to appeal to a wider public. The question is: will that be successful? The  Guardian reports.

Pension partisans fight fight for retirement security (September 20, 2000)
Christine Dugas in this article taken from USA Today reports the numerous examples of actions led by pension partisans struggling for a greater retirement security. She also assesses America’s situation regarding elderly persons and gives information about different movements of action.

Pension revolt catches fire. Longtime employees say they want their "just due" (September 2000)
This article from the AARP Bulletin conveys how activists from some of the nation's largest companies successfully rally nationwide employees and retirees to fight against pension cuts.

Is Your Pension Leaking? (July-August, 1999)
This article in the AARP Bulletin shows how cash-balance pensions can reduce veteran employees' retirement benefits.

Pension Fund Agency Is Being Scrutinized
This article from The New York Times discusses major problems with the pension fund agency

Women are More Likely Than Men to Face Poverty in Retirement (July 16, 1998)
This editorial taken from The Boston Sunday Globe by a fellow at the Radcliffe Public Policy Institute argues that women are at greater risk of poverty after retirement.

Playing the Stock Market Lottos (January 14, 1997)
Op-Ed piece by an editor of Fortune magazine argues that playing the stock market is a dangerous way to plan for retirement, since high-risk investing can lead to serious disappointment or worse.

Women and Pensions (August 18, 1996)
The following editorial taken from The Boston Sunday Globe argues that women are at greater risk of poverty at older age.

Who's Been Eating My Nestegg? (November 26, 1996)
This article from The New York Times shows how companies steal their workers' benefit funds, particularly pensions and 401(k) savings plans.